1. Hilly Limburg landscape
  2. Near popular locations of Valkenburg and Maastricht
  3. Castle ruins, limestone caves & water mills

Holiday in Schin op Geul

Résidence Valkenburg is located in the Limburg town of Schin op Geul, at less than ten minutes by car from Valkenburg itself. The river Geul meanders through the hilly landscape of Limburg, along the holiday park and ending in the Meuse. You will find various water mills along the Geul, as well as magnificent cycling and hiking routes through the Geul Valley. Ask about our free cycling and hiking routes through the area at reception during your holiday in Schin op Geul.

Holiday near Valkenburg

The area is characterized by the unique, South Limburg hilly landscape, interspersed with forests and water. The area has a rich history, which can be seen during a holiday in Valkenburg in the form of the various old farms, timbered houses and state monuments. You will find various shops, catering venues and cultural hot spots in Valkenburg. For instance, you can pay a visit to Castle Ruin Valkenburg, the municipality cave, or go tobogganing at the Valkenburg tobogganing track. A holiday in this area is great during every season.

Tips for a day outing during holiday in Schin op Geul

Not just at Résidence Valkenburg, but the area around Schin op Geul as well offers plenty of entertainment for visitors of all ages. For instance, you can pay a visit to one of the many museums, zoos, amusement parks or indoor and outdoor playgrounds. We offer the greatest day outings in the area in cooperation with Ticketsplus. You can buy tickets at the park's reception desk for many great day outings.

Christmas markets

Christmas City Valkenburg: Halfway through November, all throughout December and during the first week of January, you will find the most unique Christmas market in Europe in Valkenburg: Christmas City Valkenburg. The Christmas market takes place both above ground and below. In addition, the Christmas parade makes its way through the center of Valkenburg twice a week.

Magical Maastricht: A holiday in Schin op Geul during the winter months also offers an opportunity to visit the city transformed into Magical Maastricht, with its well-known Christmas market.



Zoo: From ape to zebra, you will find many (wild) animals in GaiaZOO. Find out about the eating habits, games and personal traits of these cute, and sometimes dangerous animals. You can be there in just 20 minutes by car.

Skiing & climbing: At SnowWorld in Landgraaf, you can work on your winter sports skills throughout the year. Is traveling to the snow not really for you? Let the adventurous climbing course challenge you.

Sights to see

Caves: The hilly landscape of South Limburg is characterized by its many caves. Visit Velvet Cave Maastricht, Mergelrijk Valkenburg, Coal Mine Valkenburg and Cauberg Cavern. Discover the old cave secrets during your holiday in Valkenburg.

Castles: The largest fortress located between the Meuse and the Rhine is Hoensbroek Castle. A beautiful, well-preserved castle which shows the influences throughout the centuries. Castle Ruin Valkenburg is situated on top of the Velvet Cave, where history dates back to the 11th century. Admire these monumental remains, and find out how the inhabitants used to live here.


Maastricht: Maastricht is found at 20 kilometers from our park. This beautiful city is definitely worth a visit. You can enjoy many hours of shopping in Maastricht, taking a seat at one of the many restaurants with a terrace afterwards.

Designer Outlet Roermond: Would you like to go for an affordable day of shopping during your holiday in Schin op Geul? You will find various clothing brands at great prices at Designer Outlet Roermond.


Are you curious about what else there is to do in Valkenburg? Discover it with the We are Valkenburg - Online City Guide and conveniently book tickets for the best things to do during your stay!

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