Surrounding area

Residence Lichtenvoorde is in a beautiful location between the woods and meadows of the Achterhoek. Almost nowhere in Holland will you find such varied landscapes as in the Achterhoek. The area is perfect for beautiful cycling and walking trips past historic farmhouses and vast meadows and through the woods and charming villages.

The centre of Lichtenvoorde is less than 5 kilometres away from the holiday park and is easily accessible by bike or car. Here, you can shop, have a coffee, lunch, snacks or dinner at one of the restaurants or visit the market on a Saturday.

On the market in Lichtenvoorde you will find a boulder weighing over 20,000 kilos. In 1874, it was dragged by 99 shoemakers from Lichtenvoorde to the market, where it would serve as a plinth to celebrate the 25th anniversary of William II's reign.  The boulder is still there to be admired and now includes a seated lion with the Lichtenvoorde municipal coat of arms. 

From the park, you can also pay a visit to our eastern neighbours: within a half-hour car journey, you are already across the German border.

Staying at Résidence Lichtenvoorde in September? A visit to the flower parade is definitely worth a visit during that period. The annual flower parade is held in Lichtenvoorde on the second Sunday of September. It's a beautiful floral spectacle with over four million colourful dahlias!

Lichtenvoorde is also famous for its Zwarte Cross festival, which is organised in July and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. 

Day trips

There are all kinds of things to do on the park itself and in the area surrounding Lichtenvoorde. For example, you could visit one of the many museums, zoos, amusement parks or indoor and outdoor play areas.

In cooperation with Ticketsplus, we offer the best day trips in the surrounding area. Tickets for many of these great day trips can be purchased from the reception at the park.

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Events in the area
Are you curious to find out if there are nice (multi day) events in the area of Résidence Lichtenvoorde soon? Check out our calendar of events and combine your stay at our TopPark with a visit to a nice event.