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Barbecue service during your holiday

BBQ service during your vacation

Would you like to enjoy a barbecue in the fresh air? A juicy piece of meat with a refreshing salad is an absolute must during your vacation. Furthermore, a barbecue is also very enjoyable!

During your vacation, you can enjoy a complete BBQ package for each person of your choice:

  • Mediterranean Barbecue Package *
  • Vegetarian Barbecue Package
  • Children's Barbecue Package
  • A-Z Barbecue Package
  • Deluxe Barbecue Package
  • Fish Barbecue Package

The packages listed above are delivered with a gas barbecue grill included.

* Not available at Résidence de Leuvert and Landgoed de Scheleberg.

How can I order my BBQ package?

When you book online through our website, you can order your BBQ package in advance. You can also order your BBQ package at the reception of the park (before 01:00 PM).

The complete BBQ package will, in consultation, be delivered to your vacation home on a day and time of your choice.

Enjoy your meal!

Order today for delivery tomorrow

If you order before 12 a.m. tonight, we will deliver your order at your holiday home between 3 and 6 p.m. tomorrow. That means you can simply enjoy your holiday without having to worry about dinner.

Add a barbecue or gourmet hotplate?

No problem, B&G Catering takes care of everything. Check the full range on the website of B&G Catering.