1. Located on the Veluwe
  2. Close to Apeldoorn
  3. Many strolling and cycling options.

Vacation in Beekbergen

The Veluwe: a beautiful succession of different nature areas. Recreation park Beekbergen is in the middle of the forest, but you will also find vast pastures, drifting sands and agricultural grounds nearby. In short: there is plenty to see during your vacation in Beekbergen! You can find various cycle and strolling routes in the vicinity; the perfect way to discover the unique environment during your vacation in Beekbergen. During mating season in the fall, the Veluwe is also the place to spot wildlife. With a bit of luck, you will see a deer, roe deer or wild boar in the morning or evening. This magnificent nature area is a place full of discoveries and playing opportunities for your child.


Tips for a day out during your vacation in Beekbergen

Besides in the park, there is also plenty to do in and around Ede for both young and old. During your vacation in Beekbergen, visit one of the many museums, animal parks, attraction parks or indoor and outdoor playgrounds. In cooperation with Ticketsplus, we offerthe best days out in the environment.. For many great day outs, you can buy tickets at the reception


Loenense waterfall: Near the park, you will find the Loenense waterfall: with 15 meters, this is the highest waterfall of the Netherlands. The water is coming from the Apeldoorn-Dierenskanaal and the spring supplying the water originates in the Schalter forest .

National Park Hoge Veluwe: Of course, a visit to National Park Hoge Veluwe is a must. Take a wild safari, spot the 'Big Five' of the Veluwe and learn to recognize all the different animal tracks.


Paleis het Loo: From Recreation park Beekbergen, it is only 13 kilometers to Paleis het Loo. There is a lot to do here all year round. Walk through the stately gardens, visit an exposition in the museum, and feel like a prince or princess on the estate

Dutch Openluchtmuseum: To the south of our vacation park, you can find the Dutch Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem! Very enjoyable and educational at the same time for young and old. See the various living styles and actively dive into history!

Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij: Experience the penetrating sound of the steam whistle. Experience the pounding, the steam rising and the pulling power of the mighty steam locomotives. Travel with the steam train over the more than one hundred year old railroad line Apeldoorn - Dieren.


Zoo: During your vacation in Beekbergen, you are close to Apeldoorn, making a visit to the Apenheul easy. 35 different kinds of monkeys are living here, and which run freely in many places in the park. Which monkey do you like the most?

Attraction park: The children will go beserk during a day to the children's attraction park Julianatoren in Apeldoorn. Meet Jul and Julia in real life, make a looping in the Rollende Muis or jump meters into the air on Jul's Bungee trampoline.


Apeldoorn: A visit to the nearby city ofApeldoorn is, during your stay at Recreation park Beekbergen very much worth it. At a 15 minute drive of the park, you can find the center of Apeldoorn where you can find various shops, restaurants and cultural hot spots.

Arnhem: Extensive shopping, have a drink on a terrace, a night out, visit a museum or a walk through the old streets, Arnhem has it all. During your vacation in Beekbergen, a visit to this city is a must .