Surrounding area

The Veluwe: one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Holland. Landgoed de Scheleberg is located in the middle of the woods of Lunteren, Gelderland, and is surrounded by diverse landscapes, from sand drifts to forests and heaths.

From the park, you can explore the unique surroundings by car, bicycle or on foot. There are various cycling and walking routes through nature and charming villages and towns such as Ede, Otterlo, Bennekom, Harskamp and Wekerom.

Besides the beautiful nature, there are also many cultural hotspots in the surrounding area. The Hoge Veluwe National Park, the Open Air Museum in Arnhem and the Kröller Müller Museum are certainly worth a visit during your stay at Landgoed de Scheleberg.

Forest around Lunteren

Outing tip: Open-Air Museum in Arnhem

Do you know what things were like in The Netherlands 200 years ago? Experience the full history of our country at the Open-Air Museum in Arnhem. You will be taken on a journey through time; want to bet that there are many things you did not know about our little country? Thanks to the many interactive games, the museum is a lot of fun for children as well!

Area surrounding Landgoed De Scheleberg

Outing tip: Kröller-Müller Museum

Would you like to dive into history and get a taste of local culture for a day? Pay a visit to the Kröller-Müller Museum. Here, you will find the second-largest Van Gogh collection in the world. Not only can you admire these magnificent paintings, you should also take a stroll through the sculpture garden.

Did you know that the Geographical Centre of the Netherlands is only 3 kilometres from the park? You can walk from Landgoed de Scheleberg to the Geographical Centre of the Netherlands, which is located on Lindeboomsberg in the woods of Lunteren, in under three quarters of an hour. 

On Oud-Lunterse Dag ("Old Lunteren Day"), the annual village fête on the last Saturday of August, you'll travel a hundred years back in time: the residents dress in "old Lunteren" costumes, there is a fair and a parade (the Reutemeteut) is held with decorated carts and tractors. 

Day trips

There are all kinds of things to do on the park itself and in Ede. For example, you could visit one of the nearby zoos, museums, amusement parks or indoor and outdoor play areas.

In cooperation with Ticketsplus, we offer the best day trips in the surrounding area. Tickets for many of the day trips can be purchased from the reception at the park.

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