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Renting a vacation house in Noord-Holland?

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Holiday home in North Holland

If you'll be staying at a holiday home in North Holland, you're going to be spending some time in a very diverse province. Thanks to its location between the sea and some large lakes, cultural hot spots and many attractions, you won't soon be bored here. Rent a holiday home in North Holland at Park Westerkogge in Berkhout at the Markermeer.

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Your stay in North Holland

If you would like to rent a holiday home at a holiday park, you've come to the right place at TopParken. Our holiday accommodations in North Holland are fully furnished and offer every convenience needed for a completely carefree vacation. You can rent a holiday home for three, four or six persons, perfect for a midweek or weekend away, or for a long vacation with the family. Our holiday park in North Holland also offer various facilities for you to use as our guest. Imagine a swimming pool, bicycle rental, entertainment, sports and games. The freestanding holiday homes offer luxury, comfort and privacy, but you will get to enjoy the pleasant, hospitable atmosphere at the park as well. The entire family is welcome, including the dog. Each of our parks and holiday homes in North Holland is pet-friendly.

Renting a holiday home at the water

Enjoy a relaxed vacation at the water by renting a holiday accommodation at the waterside. You have the chance to rent a luxurious holiday accommodation in North Holland Park Westerkogge near Hoorn. Bring your own boat or rent one, dock it at a jetty at the park or go on a trip on the Markermeer and the IJsselmeer. For those who love the sun, sea and the beach, nature and open waters, a TopParken holiday home in North Holland is the perfect choice, and you will be guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful vacation in North Holland.