Holiday in December

Going on holiday during the winter month of December

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Holiday in December in the Netherlands

Do you also like the different seasons? During a holiday in December in the Netherlands you will experience the change of seasons from fall to winter up close. The days are getting shorter, it is getting colder outside and who knows, the first snowflakes may already fall! The Christmas holiday is traditionally the period when people go on holiday. But the rest of December is also ideal for a holiday. In the evening cozy by the stove and during the day you take long walks through a winter landscape . Is it really cold during your holiday in December? Then book a house with a sauna , you will certainly not regret it!


Things to do in December

When thinking of a holiday in the Netherlands, the warmer months of the year come to mind, but the Netherlands is also beautiful in the colder periods! We would like to share some tips with you, so that you won't feel bored in December:

    Exploring Christmas markets or Christmas cities

    There are lots and lots of Christmas markets during the Christmas season, and not just in Germany. The word "Christmas market" makes us think of Valkenburg. Be enchanted during your stay at Résidence Valkenburg

    Admiring the winter landscape

    Experience the Dutch winter landscape in December. Admire the sun burning its way through the fog, the frost on the trees and perhaps the ice on the water. A true winter wonderland!

    Visiting an amusement park

    Another recommendation is a visit to the Winter Efteling. You can do this throughout the month of December. It is only 25 minutes by car from Résidence de Leuvert


Staying at TopParken

So, you are probably already convinced to go on vacation in The Netherlands in December. Now you still have to decide where you are going to stay. With TopParken, you can stay at various vacation parks in top locations throughout the country. From Gelderland, Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland to Limburg and Noord-Brabant. You will spend the night in a modern vacation house for 2 up to a maximum of 14 people. Perfect for a vacation with your partner, family, relatives, or group of friends. And the nice thing about a vacation at TopParken? During your stay, you can make unlimited use of top facilities, such as tasty catering establishments, playgrounds, a bicycle rental service, and an indoor swimming pool at some parks. See you in December at TopParken!


Questions from previous guests ⤵

✦ Which vacation parks have an indoor swimming pool?

TopParken has three vacation parks with an indoor swimming pool so that you can also enjoy water fun in December. The vacation parks with an indoor swimming pool are located in Gelderland: Resort Veluwe in Garderen, Résidence Lichtenvoorde in Lichtenvoorde, and Recreatiepark 't Gelloo in Ede. 

✦ Which wellness facilities do the parks have?

The TopParken vacation parks have nice wellness facilities, such as a sauna, spa, sun shower, outdoor shower, and/or hot tub. The wellness facilities are located at your own vacation house. Great to warm up in when you have been out for a day.

✦ Do you also have vacation homes with a decorative fireplace?

Yes! To make it extra nice during the colder days in December, you and your company can enjoy the decorative fireplace in your home. Filter in the menu of search & book for fireplace and find your perfect home.