Hanseatic towns Netherlands

Hanseatic towns Netherlands

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Hanseatic towns in the Netherlands

Discover the true face of the Netherlands in our one-of-a-kind Hanseatic towns. In the Middle Ages, when Amsterdam and Rotterdam were still small villages, the powerful Hanseatic towns emerged as the country's most important trading hubs. The similarity? The Dutch Hanseatic towns are located by the water, because that is important for trade!. The prosperity and wealth they enjoyed at the time is reflected today in the thousands of monuments, authentic architecture, imposing buildings, and impressive city walls. Each Hanseatic town in the Netherlands is unique in its own way.

Explore six Dutch Hanseatic towns with us, located close to TopParken's holiday resorts ⬇️

📍 Hanseatic town of Deventer

Hanzestad Deventer

Deventer is famous for its many events. The Dickens Festival and the largest book market in Europe make the Hanseatic town of Deventer come alive. This Hanseatic town on the IJssel river is trendy but historical at the same time. Taste the Deventer Koek, visit a museum, or admire the many monumental buildings.

Accommodation near the Hanseatic town of Deventer:
✦ Holiday Resort Beekbergen in Beekbergen
✦ 24 km from Deventer

📍 Hanseatic town of Elburg

Hanseatic town of Elburg

Discover the Hanseatic town of Elburg: an old fishing town close to Lake Veluwe. Through the imposing gate, you walk right into this Dutch Hanseati town. The streets are straight as an arrow and Elburg is almost square when viewed from above, so getting lost is impossible. Explore Elburg during a unique city tour.

Accommodation near the Hanseatic town of Elburg:
✦ Resort Veluwe in Garderen
✦ 31 km from Elburg

📍 Hanseatic town of Doesburg

Hanseatic town of Doesburg

Doesburg is the place to be for people who love life, and it has also been known as the mustard city since the Hanseatic era. Today the traditional mustard factory is still in operation. Be sure to taste the famous Doesburg mustard. And of course stroll through the medieval streets.

Accommodation near the Hanseatic town of Doesburg:
✦ Holiday Resort Beekbergen in Beekbergen
✦ 30 km from Doesburg

📍 Hanseatic town of Roermond

Hanseatic town of Roermond

This old trading town is located on the Meuse River and is primarily known for its cloth. Currently, the Limburg Hanseatic town has more to offer than just a rich history and culture. Indeed, you will also find various trendy shops here. How about Designer Outlet Roermond? Taste and experience the Burgundian lifestyle in this Hanseatic town.

Accommodation near the Hanseatic town of Roermond:
✦ Résidence Valkenburg in Schin op Geul
✦ 52 km from Roermond

📍 Hanseatic town of Zuthpen

Hanseatic town of Zutphen

Shop till you drop in this Dutch Hanseatic town! Zutphen is a place with a unique range of stores. Since the Middle Ages, the Hanseatic town of Zutphen has been known to be extraordinary. It is also known as Tower city: the high towers form the unique skyline of Zutphen together.

Accommodation near the Hanseatic town of Zutphen:
✦ Holiday Resort Beekbergen in Beekbergen
✦ 21 km away from Zutphen

📍 Hanseatic town of Arnhem

Hanseatic town of Arnhem

Arnhem: one of the most versatile Hanseatic towns of the Netherlands. From magical castles and museums to hip stores and trendy restaurants. This centuries-old Hanseatic town has a rich history, where especially the Battle of Arnhem will stay with most people. Dive into the history of the Hanseatic town of Arnhem!

Accommodation near the Hanseatic town of Arnhem:
✦ Holiday Resort De Wielerbaan in Wageningen
✦ 16 km from Arnhem

Staying at TopParken

Which of these authentic Hanseatic towns in the Netherlands will you visit? One thing is for sure: whichever Hanseatic town you choose, you can always enjoy a comfortable stay in a TopParken resort near it. We have made some suggestions of resorts that are located near Dutch Hanseatic towns, but there are many more resorts and many more Hanseatic towns to choose from. The choice is yours! Our resorts are located in the middle of nature and have fantastic facilities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, bike rental services, and of course WiFi. At our resorts, you can stay in stylishly decorated luxury holiday homes for up to 14 people.

Dive into our history and really get to know the Netherlands by visiting the various Hanseatic towns.

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