Campsite in Groene Hart

Campground in the green heart

  • Camping in Groene Hart
  • In Lexmond, near Utrecht and Vianen
  • Located directly on the Lek river

Campground in the green heart of the Netherlands


Resort Lexmond, a campground located in the green heart of the Netherlands, offers an oasis of peace and nature. The campground is located directly on the banks of the Lek River, making it a popular campground among water sports and boating enthusiasts. The green heart is a beautiful nature reserve located between all the major cities of the Randstad and is easily accessible. When will you come and camp in the green heart?


This is what your camping vacation in the green heart looks like

Explore the real Dutch countryside with picturesque polders, traditional windmills, and extensive hiking and cycling trails. The Green Heart offers a mix of nature, culture and local experiences. It's a great destination for anyone looking for tranquility and exploring the Dutch countryside. There are several activities and attractions to explore in this area:

Things to do here include:

Visit historic towns and villages

The Green Heart is surrounded by historic towns and villages such as Utrecht, Woerden, and Oudewater. Discover their charming streets, historic buildings, and local markets.

Canoeing, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding.

There are numerous waterways and lakes in the region, making it ideal for canoeing, boating, or stand-up paddleboarding. Enjoy the calm waters and surrounding nature.

Cycling and hiking

The Green Heart has an extensive network of cycling and hiking trails. Explore the picturesque polders, along rivers and lakes, as well as through charming villages.

Resort Lexmond: campground in the green heart

Camping is a natural experience. Bring your tent, motorhome, or caravan and choose from the 60 camping spots of +/- 150m2, all with parking space and electricity connection. There are also plenty of spots with water supply and drainage available. The facilities building with the reception, outside pool, and hospitality facilities including a roof terrace, provides optimal comfort during your camping vacation at Resort Lexmond.

This is Resort Lexmond:

  • Truly Dutch: polders, windmills and water
  • Directly on the banks of the Lek
  • Renewed, modern building with sanitary facilities
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Camping and motorhome pitches

Seasonal Pitches

You can rent a permanent (pre) seasonal pitch at Resort Lexmond. Ideal if you want to enjoy peace, nature, and recreation for a long time. Our seasonal pitches offer you the opportunity to create your own space, where you can escape the daily hustle and bustle and fully enjoy the outdoors. Interested in a seasonal pitch at Resort Lexmond? Take a look at the possibilities.

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Camping in Lexmond

Come camping in Lexmond! Resort Lexmond, located right by the river Lek, is the perfect holiday destination to explore the area and the province of Utrecht.

Campground by the water

A camping vacation by the water? Resort Lexmond will meet all your expectations. You will find our waterfront campground located in the province of Utrecht.