Campground by the Lek

Campground by the Lek

  • Located directly on the water of the Lek
  • In Lexmond, near Utrecht and Vianen
  • Sandy beach

Campground by the Lek River


Our campground, Resort Lexmond, formerly known as Campground Leuk & Campground De Uiterwaard, offers spacious camping and motorhome sites directly on the banks of the Lek River. In part because of the beautiful location of the camping pitches, you can enjoy water sports, boating, and recreational activities from the beach at the campground without any worries.


Truly Dutch: polders, windmills and water

Resort Lexmond is adjacent not only to the Lek, but also to the Oude Haven and the dike of Lexmond. The campground by the Lek is known for its unique location; almost nowhere in the Netherlands can you camp so close to the water with your tent, motorhome, or caravan. In addition to the water, the polders, windmills, and bridges also create a real traditional Dutch feeling.

Camping by the water

On the banks of the Lek River, you will find the perfect combination of tranquility, water sports opportunities, and hiking and cycling trails for a relaxing camping vacation. Camp with your tent, motorhome, or caravan on one of Resort Lexmond's 60 spacious camping pitches, each approximately 150m2 in size. Each pitch features a power connection and plenty of space for your car. Some pitches also have a water supply and drainage system. The renovated building with sanitary facilities adds extra comfort. Dogs are welcome.


Out and about!

From your camping pitch on the Lek, you can drive to Utrecht via Lexmond, Vianen, and Nieuwegein. Not so fond of the city? If so, exploring the green heart of the Netherlands is a wonderful idea. The many hiking and cycling routes lead you past farms, meadows, and streams. You have probably never been to this area before; all the more fun to discover these hidden locations.


Campground by the water

Many guests visit our campground by the water not only for relaxation and entertainment but also for the forest! This is because close to Resort Lexmond you will find the region "Utrechtse Heuvelrug", known for such sites as the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the Military Museum, and the Pyramid of Austerlitz. As you can see, the province of Utrecht has holiday-worthy surroundings!


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Camping by the water

Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of Resort Lexmond on the river Lek, where spacious camping and RV pitches and natural surroundings come together.