Outings autumn holidays

These are the 10 greatest family outings for during the autumn holidays

Fun family outings during the autumn holidays

While the leaves are falling from the trees and the temperature is starting to drop, The Netherlands is getting ready for the coziest season of the year: fall. This season is perfect for a wonderful afternoon in the outside air, and a cup of steaming chocolate to warm up with. On top of this, it is the time for a delightful week of autumn holidays in The Netherlands. Of course, you could play games at home with the kids for a week, but you could also go out and about during a short vacation in The Netherlands. That is why we are listing the 10 greatest outings for during the autumn holidays in this article. Will you read along?

Family outings autumn holidays

Outing 1 - Visit museum NEMO

Do your kids love exploring? Pay a visit to museum NEMO in Amsterdam. Here, you will create giant soap bubbles, carry out scientific tests, and discover how gravity works. Not only is this a day full of fun for the entire family, it is incredibly educational as well.

Outing 2 - Feast your eyes at SEA LIFE

It won't come as a surprise that the underwater world manages to fascinate everyone, regardless of age. Sufficient reason to visit SEA LIFE Scheveningen with the entire family. Here, you will admire countless animals and plenty of other beautiful things from the sea. Is the weather good? Get a breath of fresh air during a walk along the beach of Scheveningen.

Outing 2 - Take a look at the world behind YouTube

The third recommendation on the list of fun outings with children is the Sound and Vision museum in Hilversum. A museum where the entire family can stroll around for a day and learn all about media, television, and radio. While the older kids get informed about the world of media, the little ones go on an adventure in Media Ukkie land, where they will be entertained for an entire afternoon.

Fun outings with children

Outing 4 - Climb the Cathedral Tower

Are you not afraid of heights, and do you like some exercise? Visit our Cathedral City and climb the eponymous Cathedral Tower. On your way up, you will learn all about the history and construction of the tower. After 465 steps, you will get to enjoy a magnificent view of the city of Utrecht.

Outing 5 - Say cheese!

Real cheese heads must visit Cheese Experience in Gouda at least once. Here, you will be warmly welcomed to the world of cheese, as well as get a tour from the guides who know everything about the golden delicacy. Watch the cheese movie, learn everything there is to know about the production process, and take a look inside the cheese storage. Fun is guaranteed.

Outing 6 - Playing fun at Kids Playground

Is the weather not ideal? Don't worry, because a party is guaranteed at Kids Playground in Almere, Apeldoorn, and Delft. Regardless of the weather, the kids will go crazy on trampolines, in tunnels, and on large play equipment. On top of this, there is a children's disco where children can release their energy.

Outings autumn holidays

Outing 7 - Spot wild animals

What could be more exciting than spotting wild animals with the entire family? In De Groenlanden Nature Area, you can watch for rabbits, badgers, and foxes each day. Furthermore, you will have a perfect view from the Ooijpolder lookout tower. You can visit this park daily, free of charge. Isn't that wonderful?

Outing 8 - Loosen up those hips at Skate Park Utrecht

Are you in the mood for an active day? Pay a visit to Skate Park Utrecht, where you can go wild on a skateboard along with the children. Do you lack experience? If so, the staff will get you up to speed during the skate lesson. There is plenty of (low) equipment for you to practice on as well.

Outing 9 - Jump the day away

The list of fun outings during the autumn holidays would not be complete without the large Jumpsquare trampoline park. When the weather is not ideal, this place is great for the entire family. Show what you have in store and go crazy on the trampoline.

Outing 10 - Have splashing fun

Mosaqua in Gulpen is a great place to go for a nice swim with the kids. This subtropical swimming paradise is one of the greatest water paradises in The Netherlands. Grab a moment of relaxation in the whirlpool or experience shower, while your children test the many slides and the wild water rapids, as well as search for the treasure of Captain Kid. You are sure to be entertained for the day here.

Autumn holidays The Netherlands

Spending the night at TopParken

Complete the holiday experience by spending the night at TopParken during the autumn holidays. TopParken offers plenty of options for a weekend away in The Netherlands. The kids won't get bored at the parks thanks to the many child-friendly facilities. For instance, they can have fun at the sports and games fields along with their friends. You can stay at freestanding holiday homes with plenty of tranquility and space. That is why TopParken is also the place to go for a longer period, such as a midweek away in The Netherlands. Not only can you enjoy the many facilities at TopParken, you will also always take advantage of the lowest price guarantee. If that doesn't make for a wonderful autumn vacation, we don't know what will!

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