The 10 best family activities in the Veluwe

The 10 best family activities in the Veluwe

Family activities in the Veluwe

A holiday in the Veluwe with your children is an excellent idea as far as we're concerned. Not only do we have beautiful nature, there are also plenty of things to see, do, and experience with the family. For example, how about a visit to an amusement park, a trip to a museum, or a ride in an old steam train? If you need a bit of inspiration, we have a blog post about the 10 best family activities in the Veluwe just for you.

Tip 1 - Go on a ride in an old steam train

Traveling by train is something that a lot of kids love. And during your holiday in the Veluwe, you can go on a very special train ride with your family. Board the train in Apeldoorn and ride across the Veluwe countryside to Dieren. Along the way you will stop in Beekbergen and Eerbeek and ride in a real steam train. This family activity is provided by the Veluwe. Steam Train Company, which owns several historic steam locomotives. Are you excited yet?

Tip 2 - Climbing at the Garderen Climbing Forest

Do you fancy a bit of family exercise in the Veluwe? Then a visit to Klimbos Garderen (Garderen Climbing Forest) might just do the trick. Prepare the kids for a day of climbing and clambering and traverse several special courses. How about zip lining or a course at a height of 25 meters? What's more, Klimbos Garderen is quite close to our holiday resorts in Ede, Wageningen, Lunteren, and Beekbergen.


Tip 3 - Looking at monkeys at Apenheul Primate Park

Have you ever been to Apenheul Primate Park? If so, you know that this is a family activity which scores you some points with your kids. A day of looking at the monkeys is an activity that every family should have done at least once. Admire the stray animals in the monkey forest or go to a show with the whole family and see how the gorillas are fed. A unique sight!

Tip 4 - A thematic hike with the little ones

Are you and your partner fond of hiking? Then it's nice to be able to go for a walk during the holidays. Luckily, the Veluwe is simply perfect for this. For example, follow the Gnome Trail in Hoenderloo and a bit of hiking will quickly turn into a magical activity for the kids. Dress them up in style with a pointed hat and boots and take the whole family out into the countryside. Along the way, you will carry out all sorts of assignments that will make following the Gnome Trail even more fun.

Tip 5 - Thrill seeking at Julianatoren

When we're talking about the best family activities in the Veluwe, Julianatoren surely needs mentioning. This is the premier amusement park of the region where you will find plenty of entertainment for the whole family. From a ride on the Ferris wheel to exhilarating roller coasters: you won't easily be bored here! Get into a bumper car shaped like Jut the Mouse or the meet mascots, Jut and Julia, as they walk around the park. Excited? Get in the car from your chalet in the Veluwe and drive to Apeldoorn.

Tip 6 - Explore the holiday resort or campsite

A fun family outing in the Veluwe should of course be combined with an overnight stay at one of our holiday resorts in the Veluwe or camping sites in the Veluwe. This way you can undertake various family activities in just a few days. Did you choose to stay at one of the five TopParken holiday resorts? Spend a day at the resort and go swimming or playing in the playground. Moreover, our mascot Toppe Bob is always there to host various fun activities. This lovable fellow will bring a smile to every kid's face.

Tip 7 - Interactive exhibitions in the Water Museum

It's always nice to be able to teach the kids something in a playful way. This is possible in the Water Museum in Arnhem! Here the kids can do experiments and even make their own toothpaste. As the name suggests, all the things you can do here have to do with water. In addition to the standard experiments and activities, there are regularly changing exhibitions.

Tip 8 - Picking fruit in Wageningen

Getting children to eat enough fruit becomes a breeze after a visit to the Picking Garden in Wageningen. During this family activity, your children can pick their own fruit. Of course, you yourself can also walk through the gardens with a basket. Pick the freshest strawberries, blackberries and berries and then take them to your accommodation or camping pitch at one of the TopParken resorts in the Veluwe. Preparing a nice dessert with the fresh fruit you picked is simply wonderful!

Tip 9 - Eating pancakes in the woods

When you think of the Veluwe, chances are you are thinking about nature and forests. Walking through the woods is of course wonderful, but it is not always something that children enjoy. Combine a trip through the woods with a visit to Pancake House Het Uilenbos in Lunteren. Here the kids can eat delicious pancakes, cuddle with the animals at the petting zoo, or play in the playground.

Tip 10 - Animal spotting at Burgers' Zoo

Finally, a visit to Burgers' Zoo is highly recommended. This zoo is extremely popular for a reason. Animals are and always will be children's favorite things, so they will certainly get excited when they see a chimpanzee or elephant at the zoo. A day at Burgers' Zoo will take you from one habitat to another. For instance, you may go from a section with animals from the ocean and come face to face with animals that live in the desert a little later.

So are you excited about the various family activities in the Veluwe?

Then find a nice destination for your holiday in the Veluwe and get out and about! All of the listed activities are easily and quickly accessible from our five TopParken resorts. Can't choose between all of these great activities? Combine several activities and experience a truly fantastic holiday at TopParken!


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