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8x beautiful cycling routes through the sloping hills of South Limburg

The most beautiful cycling routes in South Limburg

Is the Netherlands flat and monotonous? Not in the beautiful South Limburg. Here you will find rolling landscapes, breathtaking views, and challenging cycling routes for every cycling enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a route along cultural attractions or a challenging route together with fellow cycling fanatics, a holiday resort in South Limburg offers you the perfect starting point for discovering the diverse landscape by bike. Need some inspiration? We have listed the 8 most beautiful cycling routes in South Limburg for you.

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Route 1 - Castle route - Valkenburg aan de Geul (48 km)

This unique castle route will guide you through the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul. Here you will find the true, authentic South Limburg. Along the way, you will pass beautiful castles, cozy villages, and wide fields. The climbs may be steep at times, but reaching the top is more than worth the effort. In this beautiful region, you will find Résidence Valkenburg, in the heart of the Geuldal valley. You can spend the night here in the middle of the Limburg landscape. The perfect starting point for your cycling holiday in Limburg!

Route 2 - Cycling Route - Amstel Gold Race (77 km)

The Amstel Gold Race is the only Dutch cycling classic and is held annually in the slopes of South Limburg. This cycling route will take you along part of this route over a distance of more than 77 kilometers. This tour is a tough challenge for even the most experienced cyclists due to its various steep slopes. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, views, and charming places like Gulpen, where you can stop for a break on one of the terraces.

Route 3 - Cycling route - Hartje Heuvelland Gulpen-Wittem (56 km)

This cycling route is one with steep climbs and sharp descents, which is perfect for those who enjoy a challenge. In exchange for the many climbs, you will get to see some of the most iconic scenery of South Limburg. These include the mountain village of Vijlen, Simpelveld, and the Limburg vineyard Fromberg (with a shop). You will also enjoy beautiful panoramas and colorful orchards.

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Route 4 - Cycling route - Three Country Route (37 km)

Cycling from the Netherlands to Germany and Belgium in one afternoon, that is only possible from South Limburg. This cycling route allows you to see all three of thse countries. Along the way, you will find numerous outdoor cafes that are surrounded by beautiful nature. A visit to the Three-Country Point is a must. In fact, you can visit it all year round and there are even various activities to be done on and around the Three-Country Point.

Route 5 - Cycling Route - Architecture in Limburg (68 km)

Discover various highlights of Limburg architecture from the 12th to the 20th century with this cycling route. For instance, you will pass the Schimmert Giant along the way. This 38-meter high water tower in Schimmert, designed by the architect Jos Wielders, was built in 1927. Wielders was inspired by the Amsterdam School style of architecture. Other highlights along the route include the Hedge House at Wijlre Castle in Arets and the castle gardens of Oud-Valkenburg. All of this makes it one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Limburg.

Route 6 - Cycling route - Around Margraten (41 km)

This cycling route will take you around Margraten. On the way, you will enjoy a beautiful view over Maastricht and the Meuse river. The area is known for its rich beauty, beer, vineyards, and ancient forests. Along the way, you will also come across the thickest bald cypress in the Netherlands. Tip: make a stop at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten along the way. This is the only American cemetery in the Netherlands and it commemorates the American soldiers who fell during the Second World War.

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Route 7 - Cycling route - Gulpen biological cycling route (66 km)

A cycling route in Limburg for training your calves. This cycling route will take you to various culinary highlights. Along the way, you will come across two vineyards: St. Martinus and Fromberg. Here you will find the best wines to take home. At Hoeve de Corisberg, you can also find some delicious organic products. Don't forget to try the real Limburg syrup at the Wingbergerhoeve. With this route, you will taste all of the culinary delights that South Limburg has to offer.

Route 8 - Cycling route - Watermill route South Limburg (55 km)

Explore the area's many water-powered mills with the South Limburg Watermill Route. The route starts at Valkenburg and takes you past mills such as the Schaloensmolen, Neubourgermolen, and the Groenendaalse Molen. On the way, you will take a break along the Geul river with a view over the Wingbergermolen in Epen. The route will take you back to Valkenburg.

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So, which bicycle route in South Limburg will you choose?

Each route has its charms and is suitable for different types of cyclists. As an active cyclist, you may prefer the challenging routes with as many slopes as possible. The shorter routes, on the other hand, are more suitable for a relaxing day on your bike. Tip: combine multiple routes and go for a cycling holiday in Limburg. In this case, you can book a holiday home in South Limburg at TopParken. There you can spend the night in a relaxed way near the most beautiful cycling routes.


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