4 top destinations in the Netherlands for a holiday with your dog

3 top destinations in the Netherlands for a holiday with your dog

Holiday with your dog in the Netherlands

A holiday in the Netherlands is wonderful! Take a break with the family and enjoy nature. Do you have a dog? Then it would be nice if you can take it with you on holiday. The travel forecasts from show that vacationers are increasingly prioritizing their pets. For example, 42% choose a destination based on whether or not they can bring a pet. This is one of the reasons why dogs are very welcome at all TopParken locations. Are you still looking for a destination where you can take your dog? Then be sure to read along about these 3 top destinations in the Netherlands for a holiday with your dog.

But first some extra information

Before we tell you more about our favourite destinations for a holiday with your dog in the Netherlands, we first want to give you some general information. Your pet is more than welcome in all 12 TopParken! Would you like a holiday park with extra pet-friendly facilities? Then you've come to the right place at Parc de IJsselhoeve, where you'll even find a dog playground. Are parks are also fireworks-free, so that you and men's best friend can enjoy peace and quiet during the days around New Year's Eve. Finally, it's good to know that each accommodation can receive up to two dogs.


Time to talk about the four top destinations in the Netherlands for a holiday with your dog. You probably won't be surprised that the Veluwe is at number one. This region offers a lot of natural beauty and is perfect for long walks with your dog. From vast heathlands to beautiful forests, a holiday home in the Veluwe is a good choice. You can visit National Park De Hoge Veluwe or you could get on your bicycle and explore the surroundings. In this region, you'll find no less than five holiday parks where you can stay. Will you choose a holiday home in Ede or rather in Beekbergen?


Destination 2 - South Limburg

In one of our holiday homes in South Limburg you can combine a holiday in nature with a city trip. You will find nice holiday homes to stay in at Résidence Valkenburg. This holiday park is a stone's throw from both Valkenburg and Maastricht. During a day of strolling through these cities, you will visit the most beautiful historic sights and then choose a good Burgundian restaurant for a delicious meal.


Destination 3 - Achterhoek

We end our list with another top destination where nature is central. Welcome to the Achterhoek! Here, you can really unwind and enjoy the most beautiful walks through the bocage along picturesque farmhouses. Afterwards, you can return to your holiday park in the Achterhoek and enjoy a quiet evening in the park. At TopPark Résidence Lichtenvoorde, you can enjoy a game of bowling with the whole family, take a dive in the indoor swimming pool or have a bite to eat in the restaurant. Think about what you want to do the next day because there are many things to experience in the area. A few tips: visit an enchanting castle, take a walk with your dog along the IJssel river or get into a boat and explore the surroundings from the water. Are you already looking forward to a holiday in the Achterhoek?


Do you already know which top destination in the Netherlands you will be vacationing at with your dog?

The Veluwe? South Limburg? Or the Achterhoek? Whichever location you choose, our TopParken locations are all situated in great destinations in the middle of nature. You can take the most beautiful walks from the parks: perfect for a holiday with your dog!


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