Barbecue service during your holiday

Delicious barbecue in the open air. A fresh piece of meat with a fresh salad should not be missing during your holiday. Besides, a barbecue is also very cozy!

During your stay you can enjoy a complete barbecue package per person of your choice:

  • Vegetarian barbecue package
  • Children's barbecue package
  • A-Z barbecue package
  • Deluxe barbecue package
  • Fish barbecue package
Check the barbecue menu

The BBQ packages can be reserved for 4 people or more. You can also order for 2 people. There are €15,- extra costs on top of this.

How can I order my BBQ package?

When you book online through our website, you can order your BBQ package in advance. You can also order your BBQ package at the reception of the park (before 01:00 PM).

The complete BBQ package will, in consultation, be delivered to your vacation home on a day and time of your choice.

Enjoy your meal!

It is not possible to order BBQ packs at Recreatiepark de Woudhoeve in Egmond, and Holiday Park De Wielerbaan in Wageningen.