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Adapted vacation home in The Netherlands

Carefree enjoyment in an adapted vacation home? Then you have come to the right place at TopParken. With us, everyone has a great time, even if you or one of your fellow vacationersis disabled. Our specially adapted vacation homes have no thresholds, and have wider passageways and an adapted bathroom and toilet. The vacation homes are fully wheelchair accessible, so you don't have to worry about that. All that's left is to choose your favorite vacation destination! Our adapted vacation homes are located in Gelderland and Noord-Holland.

Take a look at our adapted bungalows

Our adapted vacation homes(5)


Villa Superior 14 persons Wellness

Gelderland, Lichtenvoorde

Comfort 4 people handicap friendly

North Holland, Egmond aan den Hoef

Deluxe 5 people Handicap friendly

Gelderland, Lichtenvoorde

Deluxe 5 people

Gelderland, Aalst

Comfort 4 people MIVA

Gelderland, Lunteren

Adapted vacation home in The Netherlands at TopParken

Having trouble finding an adapted bungalow? You won't at TopParken! In our adapted vacation homes everyone experiences a top vacation, so also wheelchair users and the disabled. The wide passageways, armrests in the toilet and shower, and the shower chair make your stay comfortable. And your car? You can park it right next to your adapted vacation home, so that you do not have to travel long distances.

The advantage of an adapted vacation home in The Netherlands at TopParken? You are in a unique location in the middle of nature, so you can really get away from it all. How about, for example, an adapted vacation home by the ocean? Or do you prefer to go to the Achterhoek? One thing is certain: you are guaranteed enjoyment without worry! Moreover, at TopParken you have unlimited use of the park facilities, such as the restaurant and the fishing pond.


Adapted vacation in The Netherlands

Another advantage of an adapted vacation home at TopParken? Our parks are fun for the whole family! Are you also taking your (grand)children with you on vacation? Then you don't have to worry about them getting bored! With an indoor and/or outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds and sports fields, "boredom" is not in our dictionary. And you? In the meantime, you will relax 100% in your adapted vacation home.

This way you can enjoy your stay in an adapted vacation home in The Netherlands without any worries, because everyone deserves to take a nice break!

How is your vacation home adapted?

✔️ No thresholds

✔️ Wide doorways

✔️ Armrests in toilet and shower

✔️ Shower chair

✔️ Parking at your vacation home