The nicest beach bars in Noordwijk aan Zee

Spending your holiday at a holiday park by the sea is great! Immediately after breakfast take a walk or relax on the beach. Within a few minutes cycling you're already with your feet in the sand! In our offer you'll find two holiday parks nearby the city of Noordwijk . Here you're never further than three kilometers from the beach. Perching at a beach bar is also part of it. We tell you more about our 6 favorite beach bars in Noordwijk aan Zee .

Noordwijk holiday park

Beach tent 1 - Witsand Noordwijk

The first stop during your beach holiday in Noordwijk aan Zee is the Witsand beach tent. Here you can plunge yourself in Ibiza vibes . And that's a feeling that fits perfectly with a day at the beach if you ask us. In the summer, sit down at a wooden table with your feet in the sand, while enjoying a delicious cocktail and a beautiful sunset. Are you hungry? You can order the most delicious dishes with fresh fish straight from the sea. The mussels are especially recommended. You'll move in during the colder months of the year. With a light interior, lots of white tones and fruit in boxes, the Ibiza feeling is brought in here. Crawl in front of the fireplace and your day can't go wrong.

Beach tent 2 - Branding Beach Club

Branding Beach Club is a place where you can start your day well. Departure after you get up in your holiday home in Noordwijk directly to this beach tent. Here you can sit down from 8.30 a.m. for a delicious breakfast. From pink pancakes to eggs benedict, breakfast is a party for children, too! Order a fresh juice in particular, because Branding Beach Club is known for that. Branding is one of the beach bars in Noordwijk where you can go all year round.

Beach bar 3 - Tulum

On a summer day you'll find yourself at Tulum in Mexican atmospheres . The interior of this beach tent is a picture. It's no surprise that Tulum has its own furniture line. At the end of every season you can buy the furniture to brighten up your own interior. At Tulum you settle down on a lounger under a white parasol with fringes or on a robust wooden table. Tulum is actually more of a beach bar than a beach bar. Everything revolves around the drinks that you can get yourself at the bar.

Holiday Home Noordwijk

Beach tent 4 - B.E.A.C.H.

B.E.A.C.H. is one of the beach bars in Noordwijk aan Zee where you should go. Wooden signs with texts such as “Let the countdown to the B.E.A.C.H. begin ” attract your attention. This is a very nice place for children, too. They have fun in one of the hammocks in the sand and build a sand castle in between. A restaurant is part of B.E.A.C.H, too . Order a good hamburger or go for a vegan dish. There are a lot of dishes for children on the menu. Think about hamburgers and fries, but in a small portion.

Beach bar 5 - Bries

You want to know one of our favorite places during a beach holiday in the Netherlands? That's Bries beach tent. Here you can sunbathe on a luxury lounger and you can easily keep it full all day long. The friendly service certainly contributes to this. Fun activities are organized several times a week during the high season. Every Wednesday evening there's a fishmarket . Do you prefer meat? Then visit Bries on Sunday evening during the steak market .

Beach tent 6 - The Zuiderbad

The Zuiderbad is a perfect place to be if you want to enjoy a little more rest on a relaxing day at the coast. This beach bar is located in the dunes and not directly on the coast. It's a nice place for families, because there is a playground for the children. Even on the hottest summer days, it's often possible to get hold of a spot at beach club Het Zuiderbad.

Bungalow Noordwijk

Which beach bars in Noordwijk do you visit during your beach holiday in the Netherlands?

With our 6 tips you will definitely find your favorite beach tent. Lovely with your feet in the sand and a cocktail in your hand! Can't you choose between these nice beach bars? Then just visit them all during a longer holiday in Noordwijk . Our two parks in Noordwijk, Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen and Parc du Soleil , offer a perfect opportunity.

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