1. 12 holiday parks with care facilities
  2. Wheelchair-friendly holiday homes for up to 5 people
  3. Worry-free holiday in the Netherlands

Comfort Services and adjusted holiday homes in the Netherlands

Do you believe that a worry-free holiday or weekend away cannot be enjoyed by people who need care? You'd be wrong, because TopParken offers a relaxed and unforgettable holiday for people who require care. We offer extra care during your holiday at one of our 12 holiday parks. With the Comfort Services, such as a day out with transportation, the grocery service, homecare in your holiday home and help with domestic chores, we provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a worry-free holiday. Moreover, TopParken allows you to rent an adjusted holiday home in the Netherlands.

TopParken offers a complete worry-free holiday during which you are in charge with the help of a contact person within TopParken. This contact person supports you simply and effectively in the needs that you face in the moment. A great feeling when you're recovering from an illness, operation, plastic surgery or when you have difficulty walking. Consider it a personal butler.

Discover the 12 holiday parks

TopParken Comfort Services

TopParken's mission is to offer a worry-free holiday to everyone with a need for care. You can think of a day out including transportation, our grocery service, help with domestic chores, or homecare in your holiday home, so that you truly have time to celebrate a relaxed holiday. Meet new people, have a good time together with your partner or family, or read a good book in peace and quiet. All of this is possible in a luxurious (adjusted) holiday home in the Netherlands at one of the 15 unique locations. Besides the many facilities, such as a lovely restaurant, indoor and outdoor pools, and activities for your (grand)children, our Comfort Services are a recent and unique service and extra addition to our facilities.

The Comfort Services of TopParken

➤ Day out with transportation
➤ Homecare in your holiday home
➤ Grocery service
➤ Help with domestic chores
➤ Adjusted holiday homes
➤ Safety


Adjusted holiday homes for the disabled

When you're dependent on a wheelchair, a small passageway or high doorstep is not your best friend. Luckily, TopParken offers stays in an adjusted holiday home for the disabled. Our wheelchair-friendly holiday homes are equipped with an adjusted bathroom and toilet. Besides, you can park by your adjusted holiday home, so you do not need to cover large distances. You won't have to worry about a thing; all you have to do is enjoying a great holiday! You will find our adjusted holiday homes by the sea and in the Achterhoek. If you're looking for an adjusted holiday home in the Netherlands, TopParken is the right place for you!

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