Did you know that...
... the Big Five is most active in the start of the evening & in the morning?

The chances are that if you go for a walk, you will meet one or more animals of the Big Five.

The Big Five of the Veluwe

Most animals of the Big Five (Highland cattle, red deer, wild boar, roe deer, and foxes) are rarely encountered during the day. They become active at the beginning of the evening & early in the morning. This is when the chances are greater that you will encounter one or more of these beautiful animals in real life.

There are also possibilities to book wild excursions throughout the Veluwe. Together with a forester of Staatsbosbeheer, you will go out in search of the wild animals of the Veluwe.

If you go to the Veluwe to spot the wild animals, you obviously don't want to leave without having seen a member of the Big Five. Since the animals are active in the evening & the early morning, spending the night in the Veluwe would be ideal.

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Wild boar in the Veluwe
Fox in the Veluwe
Buffalo in the Veluwe

It might be that you do not even have to go out to spot these wild animals. Amongst others, the deer can regularly be seen at our non-fenced holiday parks.

At various locations in the Veluwe, special wildlife arenas were made where the Big Five often come graze or drink. The perfect way to spot the Big Five.

The Big Five, the pride of the Veluwe

  • Highland Cattle
  • Roe Deer
  • Red Deer
  • Wild boar
  • Fox

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Red deer in the Veluwe