The delightful Résidence Lichtenvoorde is situated on the edge of Lichtenvoorde in the Achterhoek. Enjoy a fantastic holiday at the park in a holiday home or on one of the spacious camping pitches. Besides spending a great holiday at the park it is also possible to buy a holiday home.

Facilities & Outings

There is lots for guests of all ages to do at Résidence Lichtenvoorde as well as in the surrounding area.

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Bowling alley
  • Sports grounds and playing fields
  • Restaurant with terrace
  • Great discounts on outings in the surrounding area

Surrounding area

Picturesque Lichtenvoorde is a short distance from the holiday park and is a delightful village to visit, with its cheerful market and welcoming terraces. The alternating landscapes such as forests, pasture and farmland are typical of the park's surrounding area.

When exploring Lichtenvoorde you will discover the place's rich history and delight in the charm of Lichtenvoorde. Lichtenvoorde also boasts a great deal of natural beauty. The superb walking and cycling routes in the surrounding area are also known as the most beautiful in Holland. Here there are various main roads leading to Germany, so that you could also pay our eastern neighbours a visit.

Did you know, every year, the 2nd Sunday in September is the most colourful Sunday in Lichtenvoorde? The flower parade is held here every year, with four million colourful dahlias. People also flock to Lichtenvoorde for the famous Zwarte Cross festival.