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Max Liebermann walking route

Fancy enjoying a lovely walk along beautiful reproductions of paintings by the German impressionist painter Max Liebermann? Book the Max Liebermann package at Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen or Parc du Soleil and receive a free walking route and Max Liebermann art book.

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About Max Liebermann

Max Liebermann is considered the most significant impressionist painter in Germany. Liebermann produced around 1,500 oil paintings in total, with hundreds of his paintings exhibited in German museums. Very few of his paintings are on display in the Netherlands, so this package is a unique opportunity to view his work!

The selected paintings that will be depicted on the panels provide a good representation of the Noordwijk area at the beginning of the 20th century and the subjects that Max Liebermann preferred to paint, such as people enjoying themselves on the beach, sports and village life.


  • Period of stay: from 01/06/2018
  • Stay: 2 nights or longer
  • This package can be added to a booking at Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen or Parc du Soleil

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