Wheelchair accessible holiday home at Résidence Lichtenvoorde

A nice holiday or weekend away may not be easy for you because you are less mobile, or because you need a bit more comfort. But from today, you can enjoy a great holiday in Lichtenvoorde.

At Résidence Lichtenvoorde, you can stay in a comfortable 5***** wheelchair accessible holiday home, suitable for up to five people.

During your stay, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and at the park, you can get a drink and a tasty bite to eat in the restaurant. Specially for our guests, we have selected the best day trips, meaning that as a TopParken guest you can buy your entrance tickets with discounts at the reception.

Want to have a carefree holiday? Book a stay at Résidence Lichtenvoorde now.

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Wheelchair accessible holiday home at Résidence Lichtenvoorde