The Veluwe is known for its forests and stray deer, but also for its many cultural hotspots.

Famous names such as the Kröller-Müller Museum, Het Loo Palace, and the Dutch Open Air Museum ensure that the Veluwe is one of the most beautiful cultural regions of the Netherlands.

Cultural hotspots in the Veluwe

In the Veluwe you will find, in addition to beautiful nature, many cultural hotspots. The most famous of these are, of course, the Kröller-Müller museum, Palace Het Loo, and the Dutch Open Air Museum. But the Veluwe offers much more culture. For example, throughout the Veluwe you will find museums, castles, the hanseatic cities & mills.

The 3 most famous

Kröller-Müller museum
In the Kröller-Müller museum, located in the National Park De Hoge Veluwe, you will find the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world. Pieces of Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian can also be admired in this museum in Otterlo.

Het Loo Palace
The former summer palace in Apeldoorn, best known for its impressive garden, creates a princely atmosphere in the Veluwe. Famous people such as Stadholder William III and Queen Wilhelmina are important figures for Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn.

Dutch Open Air Museum
The Arnhem museum is the most visited museum outside of the big cities, and offers no less than 44 hectares of art. When you drive the historic tram in the Dutch Open Air Museum, you will especially taste the atmosphere of craftsmen and workers.

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Saint Hubertus hunting lodge in De Hoge Veluwe National Park
Exhibition at the Kröller-Müller Museum
Hattem - Veluwe

Would you like to visit several cultural hotspots in the Veluwe? With an overnight stay in the Veluwe, you are rested to go on a cultural tour for several days.

The Veluwe is characterized by medieval castles and modern art in the various museums, in the middle of a wooded area. When you visit the Veluwe, you will experience the royal power and splendor, but also the Hanseatic cities, each with its own authentic atmosphere and charm. There is plenty to do at the Veluwe.

Doorwerth Castle - Veluwe