Our holiday parks are opened, but we do operate under more strict safety and hygiene measures at our holiday parks to ensure that we can offer you, being a TopParken guest, a safe, carefree holiday, even in these times. Ensuring your and our health is paramount here. You can find an overview of the measures below.

Last update: December 14, 19:45.
The information on this page is adapted based on the press conference of the cabinet.

General measures

  • Our holiday parks are open.
  • Stay at your holiday address as much as possible.
  • Keep 1.5 meter distance.
  • Greet each other, but do not shake hands.
  • Wash your hands with water and soap for longer than 25 seconds at the proper moments.
  • Use desinfecting gels and foams we provide at the reception.
  • Cough and sneeze in a paper towel or the inside of your elbow.
  • If you have a fever or a cold, stay home. This holds for your housemates.
  • Follow the national rules.

Stay safe on holiday at TopParken

The government allows you to go on holiday in the Netherlands and all our holiday parks are open. The holiday parks of TopParken are spacious and the holiday homes have a spacious garden and private parking space, so you do not have to come into contact with other holiday guests. Even with maximum occupancy, you have enough space of your own and it is easy to keep sufficient distance from other guests. You are therefore welcome to spend your holiday with us. We do advise you, in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM, to stay at your holiday address as much as possible. However, due to the location of our parks in the middle of nature, you have the space and freedom to enjoy all the beauty that our country has to offer around your holiday home.

Eating and drinking

As of Wednesday, October 14th at 10:00 p.m., all food and beverage outlets in The Netherlands are closed, as are the restaurants and snack bars at our vacation parks. The restaurants at our vacation parks offer a sandwiches and meals take away and/or delivery service*. You must consume this in your vacation home; it is forbidden to eat food on location. You will find more information at the vacation park itself.
* With the exception of the restaurant at Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen and Recreatiepark de Woudhoeve. At Recreatiepark Noordwijkse Duinen you can use the sandwiches service.

Swimming pools

From Tuesday December 15 all pools at our holiday parks are closed.

Face masks

Wearing a mouth cover is compulsory when visiting one of the public buildings at our holiday parks (the reception, for example). Do you not have a mouth cover? These are available at the reception.

Holiday with several households

The website of the Rijksoverheid states that a group, both indoors and outdoors, can be up to 2 people big (excluding children up to 12 years old). To adhere to these rules we allow up to 2 persons (exluding children up to 12 years old) from different households per holiday home. There is no maximum for groups from the same household. You are held responsible for following this measure.

There is an exception at December 24, 25, and 26: at these dates a group, both indoors and outdoors, can consist of 3 guests per day (excluding children up to 12 years old).

Changing a booking

If you have booked a holiday at TopParken with arrival before April 1st, 2021, you can rebook your booking free of charge up to 28 days before arrival to another period. You can also choose to have the amount already paid for your booking converted into a voucher. Read more about the rebooking guarantee here.


Our receptions are open, but our staff will keep 1.5 meter distance from you. Furthermore, we ask our guests to take the following into account:

  • It is compulsory to wear a mouth cover when visiting the reception.
  • In order to be able to guarantee the 1.5 meter distance, we ask you to visit the reception alone.
  • Our receptions are fitted with plastic screens, this may seem impersonal, but is necessary to guarantee your and our staff's health.
  • Pay through the payment link as much as possible, and otherwise by pin/contactless payment as much as possible.
  • We sell waste and laundry coins at the reception, please pay by pin/contactless as much as possible. We desinfect the coins after every use.
  • You can collect mail as usual, please wash your hands before and after going to the reception.
  • Only visit the reception when this is truly necessary, so that we can avoid crowds at the reception.

Checking in and out

We would like to have personal contact with you when checking in so that we can answer any questions immediately and you only have to visit the reception once during your stay. When you check out, we would like you to visit our reception to hear how you experienced your stay.

When visiting the reception, take into account the 1,5 meters distance and the points mentioned above.


Our holiday homes, reception area and other public areas in the park are cleaned thoroughly with professional products. In addition, the so-called “hand contact points” such as light switches, bedside tables and door handles are thoroughly cleaned with professional products and we wash all the linen of the holiday homes above 60 degrees so that viruses cannot survive on it.


Our outdoor playgrounds are open, we request you to deal with this sensibly; if it gets too busy, find a different place to play with your children. We would like to ask parents to supervise their children from a dfistance. If your child is ill, he/she is not allowed at the playground. From Tuesday December 15 on all indoor playgrounds at our holiday parks are closed.


Your health and that of our staff is our top priority. Our employees will do everything they can to protect the health of our guests. We therefore have strict rules for our employees.

  • When an employee of TopParken has complaints, he stays at home until the complaints have disappeared.
  • When an employee is awaiting a corona test, he stays at home.
  • If an employee has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, he/she stays at home and has himself/herself tested.
  • If an employee has tested positive, he/she will of course stay at home, other employees who have had contact with him/her will also stay at home.

Day trips

Normally we encourage our guests to go out, discover the Netherlands and support the local entrepreneur. During these times we encourage you to limit day trips as much as possible. Stay in and around the holiday home together with your travel group, have food delivered and go on beautiful hiking and cycling tours in the immediate vicinity of the park. Are you still going out? Prepare yourself well, avoid busy times, make a reservation and time slot and take a face mask with you.

Entertainment / Animation

All entertainment / animation activities at our holiday parks have been canceled.