Official Statement TopParken - Coronavirus measures taken

As a result of the measures required by the government and our own considerations regarding hygiene, safety and health at our parks, TopParken has taken extensive measures at its holiday parks. Subsequently, the measures regarding safety and hygiene, as well as the work processes, have been adjusted and extended step by step.

The TopParken holiday parks are spacious, and the holiday accommodations have a spacious garden, meaning one does not have to get in contact with other holiday makers. Even in the case of maximum occupancy, everyone still has more than enough private space, and the distance to other persons or the forming of groups are not a concern.

The above, however, no longer applies to the camping pitches and the communal amenities belonging to the camping features. These camping pitches and their associated facilities — although very limited in their presence — have therefore been closed from March 24th 2020 by order of the management board.


Below you'll find a detailed explanation of the strict safety and health measures as well as the adapted work instructions and measures:


Swimming pools open
As a result of the relaxed measures taken by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), various facilities at our vacation resorts will be reopened. The restaurants will open their doors again on June 1st, 2020, and the indoor and outdoor swimming pools and playgrounds will be reopened. Of course, we comply with the requirements of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The sanitary facilities at our locations will remain closed.

  • Both staff and guests should always keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. This is going to be kept under surveillance. Various stickers are placed at the holiday parks at different locations, whereby this will be explicitly indicated.
  • TopParken has been in contact with the GGD itself during several weeks and RIVM is consulted with any questions. We strictly adhere to all measures and advice imposed by the government, too.
  • Guests of TopParken receive several arrival emails, in which the adapted safety and hygiene measures are announced. Guests are also informed in different languages ​​(Dutch, English and German) of the new working method of TopParken, as well as of all health and safety risks and instructions issued by the government. It also contains instructions that, if someone gets sick, catches a cold or anything else among the members, these people should stay at home and aren't welcome at our holiday parks.
  • We offer guests who have made a reservation with an alteration guarantee the option of changing the date of the booking free of charge. The booking value will be used as credit for the next stay. The desired alteration can be submitted using the alteration form. In case the arrival date is not yet known, the guest will receive a voucher from us.
  • TopParken continuously monitors the occupancy at its holiday parks, in order to keep the risk of mutual contact as low as possible. On the basis of a risk calculation and traffic calculation concerning every park, the occupancy will be far from the maximum occupancy rate, taking into consideration the traffic to and from the parks, size, design and space of the park, as well as being monitored by our administrators and receptions. Furthermore, all camping possibilities are closed.
  • The reception members and administrators received clear working procedures by email. The managers are present at the holiday park and there will always be 1 receptionist at every reception per day. At the entrance of the receptions, the guest will find the number of the receptions, with which they can only communicate by telephone. If someone needs something, it is prepared outside or prepared for the home. Furthermore, there is an emergency number at every park which is available 24/7.
  • On arrival, all guests and owners are informed of all regulations as mentioned above by means of the arrival letter in the house. It contains procedures for washing hands, keeping a distance and what to do in case of illness or any kind of catastrophe, too. Once again it is pointed out to stay inside the home and private garden as much as possible.
  • The contact between guests and employees of TopParken has been minimized to zero, guests are dealt with by telephone and hand-to-hand contact is avoided by, for example, the sale of laundry and waste coins, newspapers etc. no longer at the reception to take place, but to put it outside or to put it in front of the house.
  • If there is a damage in a house, the manager or the fault employee will call the guest or owner asking him to leave the house half an hour before the employee will enter the house. As well, administrators and fault workers will only enter the home and enter the location of the damage only with protective clothing such as mouth masks and gloves. Before and after each breakdown, the TopParken employee will wash and rinse his hands extensively with disinfectants. When the breakdown service is ready, the guest or owner will be informed by telephone. He's allowed to return to the house 30 minutes after the call.
  • TopParken does pay special attention to all elderly and needy guests or owners who stay in its parks. These are called by TopParken employees who work from home. They are asked whether they are doing well, there is a social chat and we're asked if we can do anything for them. TopParken offers the possibility to arrange much needed groceries, medication or other urgent matters for them. They are asked about their health status, as well. If something is delivered, it's always left in front of the entrance of the house. We let you know that if they have more needs, they can contact the reception members for this kind of issue. TopParken has released a budget in order to provide elderly people and those in need with medication, necessary groceries or other essentials gratis.
  • Guests who can't return at the normal check-out time, to the country from which they come, for which TopParken will still try to give them a warm return, the guests can stay longer at a cost price, in order to avoid impossibilities.
  • TopParken took all kinds of hygiene measures weeks ago:
    • Disinfectant hand detergents and disinfection sprays are located at various positions on the park
    • All central areas and homes are cleaned with disinfection and antibacterial cleaning agents, according to strict work instructions.
  • If a reception employee or an administrator, or family members of the above mentioned employee has a cold, is ill or something else among the members, the employee will stay at least 14 days. TopParken has several employees on standby at home for all its parks.
  • TopParken has an evacuation plan ready in case of catastrophes, which guests and owners will find in the houses, as well as various signs on all TopParken where this information can be found. All TopParken employees received protocols on what to do in case of illness and quarantine measures. All reception members and administrators are trained in emergencies, too, emergency response and TopParken makes use of the Crash Move app.
  • All field staff received major instructions, as imposed and advised by the government, too and they keep the parks clean by means of special means, aiming to prevent any form of spread.
  • All employees, guests and owners who work in our parks will be kept informed and remembered about the measures taken, protocols and the appropriate distance. This happens through various placards, stickers and through our information channel, such as website, internal TV channel and by telephone, as well. If the situation changes or if it isn't an urgent situation, all guests will always be notified by e-mail or telephone, in their mother language.
  • In order to inform our potential buyers about the purchase of a holiday home at TopParken, we offer the possibility to schedule a video appointment with our advisers.
  • We are offered to provide home care on location to elderly or dependent persons in our parks where possible and if necessary. This is done in consultation with a home care organization with which TopParken runs a partnership. This service is offered as the top comfort services.
  • A statement has been placed on the TopParken website and this statement will be placed concerning all information about the adjusted working method at the moment, too.
  • The management of TopParken as well as all administrators and security staff and emergency workers, check the state of affairs daily and adjust the management plan and measures accordingly.

TopParken always cares about the safety, health of its guests, owners who stay or tolerate their parks and those of its employees first. Likewise, government-restrictive measures, as well as advice, are followed at all times and TopParken will always try to do even more than is asked in order to exclude the risks as much as possible.

If the guest prefers not to visit us despite the measures taken, TopParken offers them the opportunity to move the booking free of charge. The booking value will be used as a credit for the next stay. They can report the desired change through our website or via our customer contact center.

If you should have any questions regarding the measures taken by us or this statement, your reservation or would you like to move your holiday free of charge? Then call our contact center: +31 (0) 88 500 2424.

Confiding to have informed you.

The management & amp; shareholders