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Will there be any towels and kitchen towels when I arrive at my holiday home?

Towels and kitchen towels are not included in the price. These will not normally be left waiting for you when you arrive at your holiday accommodation. They can be rented optionally for a supplement of € 4 per set by contacting us at www.mijntopparken.nl or calling +31 (0)88 500 2424.

Can I reserve the same holiday accommodation that I saw in the photo?

Each type of accommodation exists in different versions. If you have a preference for a particular design, you can reserve it for a supplement of € 15. Otherwise, you will be allocated one of the various versions.

Can I bring my pet?

You must let us know in advance if you are bringing your pet with you. Pets are not allowed in all holiday homes. Up to 2 pets are permitted per holiday home.

I want to be sure I am allocated non-smoking accommodation.

All TopParken holiday homes are non-smoking, so everybody is allocated non-smoking accommodation.

Where can I find the terms of the cancellation insurance?

The cancellation insurance is taken out with Europeesche Verzekeringen. Please find the terms of the cancellation insurance here.

In which box is a second home taxed for the income tax?

For the income tax, a second home/holiday home is taxed in box 3 at the WOZ value (Real Estate Appraisal Act). This is on the condition that the holiday home is not used as the main residence.

Where can I find the current offer of holiday homes?

At TopParken you can buy a holiday home for private use or you can buy a holiday home and (partially) rent it out.

Click here for the current offer of holiday homes for private use.

Click here for the current offer of holiday homes for (partial) rental.

When is a holiday home movable property and when is it immovable property?

On invest.topparken.com/tax-aspects you can find all the information you need on a holiday home as movable/immovable property, transfer tax, VAT and income tax.

What are the options of investing in a holiday home?

It is possible to invest in a holiday home at TopParken. Our holiday parks have a high occupancy rate, enabling you to get an interesting return from your investment. You can opt for making the investment based on prognosis, so that you are in control of your holiday home, or for making an investment based on assurance, which unburdens you completely and takes everything off your hands.

When are Open House Days organised?

TopParken regularly organises Open House Days, which are an excellent opportunity to get to know the holiday park, its surrounding area and the holiday homes. During these Open House Days we put a park in the spotlight and you can often benefit from special offers. Click here for the Open House Days schedule.

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