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TopParken has 16 holiday parks in the Netherlands, located in the most beautiful places in nature. At our parks you can buy a holiday home for personal use or for partial / full rental. These are offered incl. own lot and garden.

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Buying a holiday accommodation in The Netherlands

Discover the possibilities at TopParken

Buying a holiday home for personal use

Do you go often and eagerly on holiday in the Netherlands? Then buying a holiday home for personal use is an ideal solution. This way you can go on holiday whenever it suits you and whenever you need it, without being dependent on the availability at the parks. Enjoy the facilities all year long, discover every time new bike and hiking routes in the area and go on all trips located near the parks. 

A large number of various types of holiday homes are for sale at our 12 holiday parks in the Netherlands. All vary in type, dimensions, design and price range. If you're looking for a home for two persons, a villa for 10 persons or a wheelchair-friendly home, you'll find what you're looking for at TopParken.

Buying a holiday home for renting out

Thanks to the growing demand for domestic holidays, it becomes increasingly interesting to buy a holiday homefor renting out. When you choose to rent out your holiday home, we will take care of everything, this way you can enjoy your investment carefree and in ease. Thanks to the unique location of our holiday parks and the many (indoor) facilities, our occupancy is high all year long. 

When you invest in a holiday home and you rent it out by our own professional rental organisation, we unburden you completely. We take care all year long of the rental process of your holiday home. This way you can enjoy your investment carefree and in ease with an interesting net return of 7% per year.

  1. Holiday homes for sale
  2. For private use & to rent out
  3. The most beautiful locations in nature
  4. 17 holiday parks in The Netherlands
  5. Many facilities on the parks
  6. Enjoy your holiday all year round
  7. 7% net return when renting out
  8. Zoover Award Winner, with a 9.3 score
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Buying a holiday accommodation in The Netherlands