Types of investment

Due to the low interest rates offered by banks, we see that people are looking for analternative, tangible way of investing. We also observe that an increasing number of people are choosing a holiday in Holland. Consequently, the occupancy rates at our holiday parks are high and you can obtain an interesting net return on your investment.

You can choose between two different types of investment.
  • Invest on the basis of a guarantee
  • Invest on the basis of projections

Invest based on a guarantee or projections

Invest on the basis of a guarantee

With guarantee properties you are certain of the return. You do not have any additional costs such as park charges, energy costs and garden maintenance and minor maintenance work to your property is included for a guarantee property. You only have to arrange an insurance policy for the property and take care of the municipal charges.

With a guarantee property you do not have the choice of free personal use combined with rental, as is the case in a projection property. With this type of investment you choose to make your property available for rent all year round. TopParken handles the entire rental process, so that you can benefit from your investment without having to worry about a thing, and obtain a high net return. You can consult the occupancy rate for your holiday home at any time using a personal login code on the 'My TopParken' site.

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Invest on the basis of projections

With a projection property you can opt to combine personal use and rental. You can consult the availability of your holiday home at any time using a personal login code on the 'My TopParken' site and you can determine when you want to rent out the property or use it yourself. We handle the rentals for you when you make your property available. This means you don't have to worry about a thing.

With this form of investment you do have fixed charges, but the return on your investment may end up higher than with a guarantee property.

Projection property methodology

With projection properties a fair distribution system is applied (based on the occupancy rate). This system automatically ensures an equal distribution of the bookings, so that all properties are featured and the objective is to achieve an equal return per holiday home. This may be positively influenced by preferential bookings and naturally by arranging guests yourself.

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