Enjoying a wonderful late summer and a breath of fresh air at the beach and in the forests of Noordwijk. Enjoy the last of the summer warmth, interspersed with a refreshing fall breeze. It is time to be amazed by the stunning natural beauty. Open your senses.

During fall, you can experience Noordwijk like never before. Beach, dunes, forests, or the village centers and the cultural heritage. Noordwijk offers plenty of choices to enjoy a wonderful walk or cycling trip. Experience the diversity and space, and set out into the area. Starting September, your dog is allowed at the beach again, meaning you can go for an outing with the entire family.

Accommodations in Noordwijk

In Noordwijk, you get to choose from two TopParken resorts: Holiday Park Noordwijkse Duinen and Parc du Soleil. Both have various kinds of accommodations as well as an excellent location, near the beach and the forests. Would you like to enjoy late summer and the breeze for a while?

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Max Liebermann package

Both parks offer you the option of choosing the Max Liebermann package. This is a beautiful cycling and hiking route along various paintings by Max Liebermann. When you arrive at the park, you will receive a nice art booklet by Max Liebermann. Would you like to use this package too? Don't wait any longer and book it today!

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Cycling in Noordwijk

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